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What is Gordian Therapy?

Gordian Therapy is the next advancement in Psychotherapy. It is a form of a Strategic Therapy that implements the Gordian Pillars of Psychotherapy? These Pillars sets provide a simple framework for dissecting 18 of the most common issues therapists deal with on a daily basis.

Currently, this is only taught in one school in the world – the Institute of Applied Psychology in Sydney Australia

Oprah Guest says IAP is World Class

“I recommend their (IAP) work and their trainings a great deal. As a trainer you can tell the quality of a group… Gordon is also very similar to me. He sees this work and what we do as a sacred space… I love the spirit I find here.”

Bill O’Hanlon
– Oprah Guest, Student of the legendary Milton H Erickson Creator of Solution-Oriented Hypnosis and author of 36 books on change.

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Lisa TuckerClinical Hypnotherapist and Strategic Coach

Transformational to say the least. Everybody needs to know this! So much possibility in harnessing the mind's potential.

Michael NugginOwner Zero in Health

I highly recommend the NLP training courses provided by Gordon having done the full Diploma of NLP, Leadership and Coaching. His approach and style is accessible, highly practical and effective.

Leonie HoughSales & Marketing Manager

The instructors are amazing. This course will change your life and help you to live in a more constructive and positive way!

Joseph TashmanSenior Mobile Lender Comm Bank

Transformational. Unlike other training, the learnings stay with you and broaden your perception and actions. An advantage in professional & life skills. Highly recommend that you take it on.

Anne GoodallOwner Illawarra Hypnotherapy

The Institute of Applied Psychology is a world-class training organization. Gordon Young, the lead trainer, is an amazing, knowledgeable and inspiring educator.
I absolutely recommend this company.

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