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AQF Diploma Qualification - The Most Internationally Recognised Certification Available


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8 Core + 2 Electives

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  1. Mental Health is a growing concern. We need more well-trained practitioners!
  2. No matter what your qualifications or experience this powerful toolkit is a “MUST HAVE”!

  3. This blended course provides advanced skills in the most sophisticated Hypnotherapy available today and is truly unique in the world.

  4. Self Paced Format: ABSOLUTELY NO DEADLINES for any assessment work. You have 12 full months to complete the course.

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Contributions from the World’s Leading Hypnosis Trainers

Learn Ericksonian Hypnosis from Milton Erickson's direct students.

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You can be just 3 degrees of separation from the legendary Milton Erickson
Who is Milton Erickson and why is this connect crucial?
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LIVE Broadcast and Online Delivery



With over 330+ 5 STAR Google Reviews this comprehensive Nationally Accredited Qualification is the ultimate pathway to a fast and cost effective career change in the helping fields. If you are an existing therapist, this course will give you access to some of the most effective therapeutic tools available today.

The evidence is mounting and this particular form of hypnosis is not only the most advanced available, it is unique in Australia.

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Subject 1:
Modern Ericksonian Hypnosis

Learn Modern Ericksonian Hypnosis from trainers with a direct link to Erickson himself. Our Guarantee. By the end of day 2, you will be hypnotizing classmates without a script.

Enjoy the freedom to tailor the session to the client, which will give you better results than other forms of hypnosis.

Subject 2: Strategic Psychotherapy

The framework provided by Strategic Psychotherapy and the Gordian Pillars (created by Gordon Young the Director of IAP) gives even novices the confidence to break down and address any problem that is likely to come through your door as a hypnotherapist.

Subject 3: Counselling Skills

Learn the all-important legal and ethical considerations so you can properly look after your clients, and secure four counselling government-accredited competencies that will count towards a full Diploma of Counselling CHC51015 if you wish.

Subject 4: Counselling Electives

You can choose from five different Counselling options which will also be credited towards a Counselling Diploma.

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“Strategic Psychotherapy and the Gordian Pillars as taught by Gordon Young at the Institute of Applied Psychology is a major advancement beyond CBT and ACT, and potentially the next big thing in psychotherapy.”

Dr. William Herfel
University of Newcastle

Stand Out as a Registered Strategic Hypnotherapist

Meet the Faculty

The most experienced and highly trained faculty in the field

Bill O'Hanlon

Adjunct Instructor Ericksonian Hypnosis (Online)

Gordon Young

Director of Training and Course Curator

Gordon is the founder of The Institute of Applied Psychology, a registered training organisation (RTO). As a registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, lead facilitator and published author, Gordon’s primary pursuit is harnessing the power of the mind for accelerated human change and peak performance.

DIP Clinical Hypnotherapy and Strategic Psychotherapy
BA (HONS) Diploma Education
Creator of the Gordian Pillars of Psychotherapy and 20 related Trademarked Techniques
President of the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia (Australia’s Peak Body in Hypnotherapy)
Former Chair of the Australian Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP)
Former Editor of the Australian Journal of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis
Member of Association for Contextual Behavioral Science (ACBS)
Member of the Australasian Neuroscience Society

Joe Dowling

Joe is a licensed professional counselor who conducts his private psychology practice in Philadelphia, PA. Working with individuals, couples, and families, Joe can be best characterized as a peak performance, strength based, future focused practitioner who facilitates therapy as an experiential process. He specializes in solution-focused/strategic therapy while having an expertise in clinical and medical hypnotherapy.

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Professor Believes Strategic Psychotherapy is the Next Big Thing

Professor says the Neo Ericksonian/Strategic Approach developed by IAP is cutting edge

Oprah Guest Recommends the Institute

International author and direct student of Erickson loves what he sees at the Institute of Applied Psychology

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What makes this course different?

The key distinction is the psychotherapy model we use. Hypnotherapy does not cure anything by itself. It is a vehicle to deliver psychotherapy. Our course utilizes the benefits of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Strategic Psychotherapy, and Solution Oriented Therapy through hypnosis. Additionally, the Gordian Pillars of Psychotherapy are unique to IAP and offer people without experience a simple framework to quickly assess and understand complex issues. This is unique in the world.

Can I do this if I have no experience in Therapy?

Absolutely. There will be people of different levels of experience in the room, but this model is as new to a psychologist or counselor as it is to a novice.

What if I am already a talk therapist? Do I still have to do the Psychotherapy competencies?

No. You can do the Hypnosis Certificate (first four days of the course plus Elearning) and then apply whatever psychotherapy model you currently use through Clinical Hypnosis. Once you are here, if you decide you like our specific model of therapy, you can upgrade to the full course if you wish. (12 more days)

I have not studied in decades. Can I really do this?

You can join the course if you are currently studying in a related field, or if you have five years of work experience. Otherwise, apologies, but we can’t accept you. This course requires a level of “life experience” that none of us has in our early twenties.

How do you support me after graduating?

It’s OK! You are safe. You can choose to stay with us for supervision and you have ongoing access to your Learning Annex – Over 400 video demonstrations, lectures, research papers, and clinical tools. If you are ever unsure how to run a session, you can watch your trainer do it the night before your client arrives. This. is unique to IAP. Simple.

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