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NLP Master Practitioner Certificate
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NLP Practitioner

Transform lives including your own with Neuro Linguistic Programming

  1. There has never been a better time to make yourself more employable or to start your own side business
  2. NLP Masters is the second half of the NLP alphabet.

  3. You will review and advance your NLP Practitioner knowledge. A well trained and practiced NLP Master Practitioner should have a significant advantage in both the workplace and in their personal life.

  4. This blended course provides tried, tested, and proven strategies that will take your life to the next level. This course is truly unique in the world.

  5. Step into your potential and become an inspiring, insightful person

  6.  Secure what many say is the most coveted qualification in NLP.
    Your CV will love a certification from the Institute of Applied Psychology

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Learn NLP Language Patterns from Milton Erickson's direct students.

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“This is the skeleton key to life!”

With over 300+ 5 STAR Google Reviews our reputation for quality training is second to none.

We believe our research-based NLP Master Practitioner is among the most advanced NLP Training certifications anywhere around the world.

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1: Design Effective Personal Strategies

Your brain is the most sophisticated structure in the known universe. However, whilst you are capable of extraordinary results, the cognitive and behavioural patterns you have learned growing up were not necessarily optimal.
NLP Masters shows you how to install the beliefs, strategies, and mindset of the most effective people on the planet.

2: Advanced Behavioural Assessment Tools

Never be stuck struggling to know how to manage the discussion ever again. Learn how to read an audience and utilise the needs, aspirations, and linguistic markers (unconscious language cues) that reflect their true responses.

3: Subtle Influence with Integrity

Self Mastery coupled with Communication Mastery can allow you to become a key person of influence. Learn the subtle art of persuasion with visual anchors, trigger words, and conversational shifts.

This is a rare skill set and will give you a significant advantage both personally and professionally.

4: Advanced Leadership skills

Learn how to lead a team, a department, a company, or just your own family. Discover what the most effective leaders do, and what they definitely don’t do, in order for people to want to follow them.

Who will you become?

Rest Assured, IAP is Leading Edge

“As I sat through the NLP training I was struck by how much it related to Nobel Prize-winning researcher Daniel Kahneman’s work in cognitive sciences.

This is an exceptionally effective, well taught, evidence-based methodology that is so content-rich that it would take me at least two university semesters to cover it.”

Dr. William Herfel
University of Newcastle

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Gordon Young

Director of Training and Course Curator

Gordon is the founder of The Institute of Applied Psychology, a registered training organisation (RTO). As a registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, lead facilitator and published author, Gordon’s primary pursuit is harnessing the power of the mind for accelerated human change and peak performance.

DIP Clinical Hypnotherapy and Strategic Psychotherapy 10791NAT
BA (HONS) Diploma Education
Founder of The Institute of Applied Psychology
Member of Association for Contextual Behavioral Science (ACBS)
Member of the Australasian Neuroscience Society
Former President of the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists (ASCH)
Former Chair of the Australian Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP)
Former Editor of the Australian Journal of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis
Featured in the 100 Leaders Programme

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What if I did my NLP Practitioner elsewhere?

That’s OK. On enrolment, you will receive audio files of our NLP Practitioner to make sure you are across our NLP approach

What if I cannot attend all days?

It’s OK. We record the entire course on video and add it to your student portal each night. You can catch up in your own time.

Does Zoom compromise the learning?

No. Most of our students love it. There are no travel costs, no babysitting issues, and the evidence is now clear. LIVE Broadcast is the way of the future.

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